It is said to be the fast, efficient, safe and predictable way of eyesight correction with laser UV rays that removes the refractive error, i.e. „diopter“, changing the thickness and curvature of the cornea.

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Cataract most commonly occurs with the elderly people, as a result of blurring of natural lens, which causes a visual impairment. The only way to cure cataract is by a surgery with the implantation of an artificial intraocular lens into the place of natural eye lens (phacoemulsification), which assumes its function and remains in the eye permanently.

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The implantation of intraocular lenses is performed if you have a cataract or if you do not want to use glasses and you are not a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery.

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What Our Patients SayTESTIMONIALS

  • Admin and Dijana Čavka born in 1965, Sæby (Denmark)
  • Admin and Dijana Čavka - testimonials One of the best decisions that my husband and I have made is to be free of wearing glasses and contact lenses, after more than 30 years. After the examination, multifocal lenses were proposed to us as a permanent solution. The examination, preparation, operation and postoperative examinations afterwards – everything was professional and painless. From the first moment we felt comfortable and in good hands. „Perfect Vision“ was our choice of the three clinics we visited, two of them are from Denmark. We did not regret it, it was worth going all the way and letting ourselves into safe hands. At their clinic the patient is received as a friend of the house and the door is always open to them for a visit or conversation. We warmly recommend that you leave all your eye problems to „Perfect Vision“ because the results is a new and better life.

  • Roddy Bogawa born in 1962, New York City (New York)
  • Roddy Bogawa - testimonial As I sit down to write these words of praise at my laptop, it has been nearly a month since I had lens replacement surgery done by Branka Ivosevic at Perfect Vision in Subotica and I can see both the computer screen and the people outside the window walking along the Danube in nearly crystal clear vision. I am a film director based in New York so as you can imagine, having eye surgery may have been quite frightening but Dr. Ivosevic as well as everyone who works with her not only made me feel at ease with the procedure, but also informed of the entire process all along the way. Almost immediately after the operation, once the blurriness that of course is natural after this operation started dissipating, I noticed right away I could see distant objects clearly (I was nearsighted with a slight astigmatism in one eye) and there was absolutely no pain or discomfort. Each and every day, my vision is gaining strength and it is an amazing experience to no longer have to use glasses and contact lenses daily. I know I will end up becoming one of the people who have had this procedure exclaiming that it “changed my life” and I thank Dr. Ivosevic and everyone who works with her for such a comfortable and relaxed experience and for the gift of Perfect Vision.

  • Lacmanović Danijela born in 1989, Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Danijela Lacmanovic - Testimonial A month ago, I had a laser eye surgery using the PRK method and I am more than satisfied with the result. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can finally see everything crystal clear and clean with your own eyes without any optical aids. Reading the patient’s experiences, I knew that the operation was painless, but that there were a couple of unpleasant moments, and I was expecting them at any moment, however, there weren’t any in my case, nothing was particularly unpleasant for me to single it out. They say that the postoperative period after the PRK method is more painful and longer, but it was short for me. After the fifth day at the examination, when they removed the protective lens I could see 100% with both eyes. I have to thank and praise everyone in the Perfect Vision team and Doctor Ivošević, they are all really professional, kind and wonderful, thank you very much! My wholehearted recommendations to everyone, I am truly more than pleased and happy!